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Mollie supports and promotes your well-being with BodyTalk. In treatments your innate healing power re-connects the communication lines. Once the communication lines are connected, your body, mind and spirit’s natural abilities to heal and to adapt are activated.

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“… exceeded my expectationand has been largely a surprise.”

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare

As a BodyTalk practitioner I understand the profound influence your whole story has on your health and wellbeing. Every experience, thought and belief, especially Adverse Childhood Experiences, has influenced who you have become.
Your story may be the cause of your stress, allergies, chronic pains, unhealthy relationships, illness, and learning difficulties.
Once the communication lines are re-connected, your body, mind and spirit’s natural abilities to heal and to adapt are re-activated.

By addressing the entire person rather than one specific issue, BodyTalk promotes emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Practitioners of BodyTalk use a number of techniques, all of which are non-invasive, to help those in treatments tap into the body’s natural system of healing.

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I met Mollie and experienced the power of BodyTalk at an open house where she did a brief session for my family. I was amazed how she was able to intuit specific details. I followed up with her with the goal of becoming more in touch with the spiritual aspect of life. 
What I discovered in the sessions was a deeper understanding of the relationships in my family. Subtle energy movements that resulted from the practice and homework Mollie prescribed helped dissolve the fear and resistance that was holding me back from a more intimate relationship with my family and also my spiritual awakening. I’m very impressed with the results in my life that far exceeded my expectations and have been largely a surprise.
– John

Clients share their testimonies and results in addressing the symptoms, causes and relationship dynamics with the following:
Fibromyalgia • Romantic and Family Relationships • Parkinsons • Migraines • Facial tics • Anxiety • Cancer, Chemo and Radiation • Stress and Tension • Diabetes • (Chronic) Pain • Money • Stroke • Allergies • Colds and Flu • Injuries • Mobility • Eating Disorder • Motion Sickness • Fear of Heights/Falling

BodyTalk can be used as a standalone system or gracefully integrated with any healing system you are choosing.