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“I very much enjoyed it. Mollie is a very resourceful teacher. Using good research she explores the subject matter and helps people address larger related issues and guides them to practical applications. Plus she does it in a truly joyous fashion.” Tom J.


Weekly Wednesday Intentional Healing Circle
A weekly opportunity to experience the power of healing possibilities in the hands of Mollie. Find your center, peace out and experience your highest and best self. At least for a moment or three 😉

12 – 1pm, (you can bring bag lunch)
Reserve $15. Drop in $20.
Call or text: five five zero-2719
Luv Yourself • 224-B Breckenridge Lane • Louisville 40207

July 24

Dissolving Illusions

Where to start??? No worries, what is most ready to dissolve will show itself. 

July 31


What if you did not feel as if you were a pressure cooker with a full load of experiencing lateness, incompetance and personal injustices? We will call in the new moon energy, ideal for enhancing fresh starts, to become “empty”. I feel more generous already!

August 6

Clearing Karma 

Divine energy treatments to help release negative karma and karmic conditioning.

These are all opportunities to identify and uproot unconscious programming.

“The weight of the past will at least partially dissolve and you’ll be freer than usual to understand what’s true for you right now, without having to sort through confusing signals about who you used to be.” Rob Brezsny

Since this is new…
One attendee said she put it in her weekly calendar so she will remember.

New Moon Series
July 31 @ 8 pm – 9:30

New Moons are a time of Deepening. Darkness. Silence…. planting seeds for new beginnings, setting intentions to create the kind of life you envision.

Come step into a series for awakening consciousness with a Divine Feminine Goddess guiding us each month. This sacred monthly circle of inquiry, truth speaking, ritual, movement, healing is for “re-membering” who you are. 

All are welcome.

This series is lead by Mollie Yunker, Luv Yourself Workshop Creatrix.

Drop-ins $29
Series: July – December $149
Reservations Recommended: email or call 502-five five zero-2719
Location: Luv Yourself
224-B Breckenridge Lane
Louisville KY 40207
June 3
July 2
July 31
August 30
September 28
October 27
November 26
December 27


Like any of these? I can bring an event to you.
email or call 502-five five zero-2719

Spiritual Financial Therapy 9 Week Course: Feb 9, 16, & 23. March 9, 16, & 23. April 13, 20 & 27.

You and Money
Are you aware that your health, happiness, relationships, and financial standing, could be based on habits, family and cultural programming, fear based beliefs?
Are you ready to align with a new money story?
The intention of this course is to align you to the feeling of lightness and peace in your relationship with money.
Together we will have fun (yes this can be fun!) diving into your relationship with money and the effects it has on your quality of life.

The BodyTalk System™ 
An Introduction

BodyTalk is a whole-care, life changing modality at the cutting edge of science and healthcare. Come join in the joy of learning and experiencing healing demonstration sessions.

Balancing the Brain

This introduction to The BodyTalk System™ will help you to:

  • Enhance Stress Management
  • Develop Resilience
  • Increase Relaxation and Well-Being
  • Improve Brain Function and Mental Clarity

Balancing the Brain
  Using this technique on yourself you can strengthen your ability to manage stress. Sharing with others you can help initiate transformation.
  Practiced regularly you will experience an increase in relaxation, well-being, resilience, improved brain function and mental clarity.
  Learning in a group offers added benefits. Invite a friend to join in learning this new language and practice. Children 12 and older are welcome.

Peeling the Onion
Come engage in a self-discovery process.

  In the Peeling the Onion series, layers of conscious and unconscious beliefs, fears, and roles will be revealed.
You can progress quickly in the peeling away of the surface issues, noise and distractions to reveal a deeper truth and understanding.
  Come cultivate greater personal awareness, self-acceptance, and personal effectiveness.


   I am thrilled to share in the joy of having LOVE in your life. That LOVE can be with your Higher Self, a parent, child, sibling, friend or lover. Give a Gift that is MEMORABLE.

Share two sessions with your “Elation Relation” for $333

Labor Day Weekend Offerings

Step One: Give Yourself Permission, A THREE DAY CLASS

Saturday, Sunday and Monday September 1-3
Two Hour Individual Treatments
Long Weekend = opportunity for going deep to fly high

The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time. Brené Brown

FREE is as big as you can imagine
free of pain
free from stress
free to change

Are you ready to give yourself permission to
• Transform
• Live with clarity and purpose
• Experience life as a fun adventure
• Get past mundane and defeating experiences
• Become free of pain and suffering (stress, pain, arthritis, addictions, repetitive and chronic cycles, dis-ease, depression…)
• Disengage from unfulfilling experiences (work and relationships)
• Dissolve self-conscious feelings of guilt and shame

cortices image

The BodyTalk System™
An Introduction
BodyTalk is a whole-care modality at the cutting edge of science and healthcare that changed my life, the lives of family, friends and clients. Come join in the joy of learning and of healing demonstration sessions.
Limited to an intimate group of 8.

The BodyTalk System™,  An Introduction
Community BodyTalk
Direct Your Life Series
Finding Harmony and Inspiring Change – A Gathering for Women
Cause Health & Happiness Series
The Day After
Healing Meditation Circles
Intro to Epigenetics in BodyTalk
“What Next?” Workshop
BodyTalk Personified
Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association Presenter
How to Be in Relationship and Be Free
Feel Fab Fridays!
Finding Your Way through Chronic Pain Workshop
Exploring The Energy of Diabetes Workshop series
Energy Tools for (Spring) Cleaning and How to Use Them
Becoming Aware of Yourself and Your Environment as Energy & Information
Creating Sacred Space
The Shift Becomes You
You & Money
You & Time: Shifting Your Relationship with Time

You are single greatest investment

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