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I walked into Mollie’s office not really knowing what to expect. I was curious and desperate to crawl out of this hole I had been in for YEARS.
I had one session with Mollie and knew I had to work with her.
So, I sign up!!
I have worked with her for a month now and am out of my hole and on my way to understanding myself more then I ever thought possible. I can not WAIT to see what the next five months will bring. (she had a 6 month membership)
She has given me clarity and hope that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.
Have one visit with her and you will understand how amazing she really is.
Thank you Mollie

“Mollie’s work with me opened up new avenues of inspiration and answered many questions stirred up from recent self-healing work. She is a fabulous practitioner. While I only had one session with her, she provided me with life-changing tools. I know very few practitioners whose are so open in their intent. She is not only special as a practitioner, she is brave, trusting, and has a calm about her that is palpable.”
– KW

“I love your energy and the treatment WORKS! I have never been more clear on my website design. :)”
“I feel balanced and reset. Its hard to get me to relax fully and in just 3 minutes I feel like I went on vacation.”
“The chronic circulation problem in my shoulder to my hands has been better ever since.”
Carmen (a nursing student)

“I am the mother of twin boys who are 9 years old. They are highly intelligent, intuitive and sensitive. Through BodyTalk Mollie was able to support them through addressing such issues as night wetting, nervous tics, and focusing in school. She also helped alleviate the stress of family dynamics, helping us all work better as a family. She did all of this in a kind and gentle way. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Before beginning his second session he announced he had fired his therapist at the VA because of the benefits and speed of his results with me.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1991.
For the next 21 years I suffered with untreatable pain and stiffness.
I utilized massage therapy, reflexology and other holistic modalities to control the pain.
In 2013 I met Mollie and received one BodyTalk session.
Three days later I was able to get out of bed without experiencing the usual pain. I felt really energized and experienced a sense of well-being. Something had shifted from deep within.
I feel better than I’ve felt in years and have been able to give up my handicap parking privilege since I am no longer handicapped or disabled!
Rev. Yvonne D McCoy, M.Div., BCC

Client was in overwhelm, had low energy, and anxious with the multitude of decisions and actions that needed to be done immediately. I stayed with her, doing a Retreat@Home.
In just a few days she was less anxious and not in overwhelm. By the time I left on the 11th day she had good momentum and was able to move forward with greater ease.

BRAIN ON – years after stroke
I did a presentation at the NorthEast YMCA. A woman came to me at the end and said “I had a stroke six years ago and I know you can help me.”
I did the Cortices brain balance and she went deep.
The next day she called saying she felt the difference and started telling people “I have my brain back!”

Client greatly reduced her out of control shopping habit.

“Four days after (first) visit I had to take 1/2″ heel lift out of right shoe and put in 1/8” pad which I took out three days later. I’m dead even. Now when I walk I don’t rock back n forth like I used to. I don’t have shooting pain running down my leg and I have more flex from left leg/hip and back.” – SE

“Hi Mollie, Went for my check up with the neurologist last week. After giving me a more thorough exam than usual, he said “This is the best I have ever seen you, I’m amazed. If this was a first visit, I’d be hard pressed to make the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease”.
“I am not out of the woods yet, but I can feel within myself how much better I am.” – PP

“Hi Mollie -thanks for the healing energy work last nite my arm feels 90% better thx to u! I was contemplating getting Rx for steroids yesterday – ur better than steroids, xoxo Pet”

“Your warmth and love and cheer meant so much, and I say in complete truth that you gave me a gift that no one in my life ever has. Thank you. – JV”

Remote Testimonies
– client called with toothache. BAD. Dentist had told her he couldn’t do an extraction until Monday. Pain level before session an 8, after session she said it was all gone unless she bit down.
– client called unable to get out of bed because of extreme back pain. Within minutes of the session the pain was gone.
– client was having anxiety and disturbing thoughts cycling through her head. Following the first session this was greatly reduced. She was wanting to address additional anxiety she was having so we continued for three weeks. She is pleased with the results.

My Own FAST AID Story
Two days after a big thanksgiving dinner with lots of family, I woke up with my nose running – and used up half a box of kleenex that day. While I practice BodyTalk and have immune stimulating herbs I sometimes fall down on self-care when I do not feel good. I am pleased to say I kicked into action using BodyTalk Fast Aid, rinsed my nasal passages and drank lots of water.
And rested.
The next morning I blew my nose a couple times and have been well since.
The power of BodyTalk for self-care is amazing!

CW BEFORE carole before carole after CW AFTER

“I’ve had pain and mobility problems in my right shoulder for two years. The pain used to keep me up at night. I’ve had massage and I do yoga regularly. Both have been helpful in gradually restoring mobility and reducing pain, but I was amazed how freely my arm could move, completely pain free. Since then I’ve stiffened up a little, but my shoulder is more mobile than it was. I’m looking forward to another session to continue work on this area.”
– CW

I had a stabbing pain in my left neck/shoulder area since 1995. In my first session (january 2012) with Mollie the pain was gone. Now I feel I can get back to living my life.

BEFORELindaBefore LindaAfter AFTER


Client was in a rehab hospital recovering from a stroke. I saw him Monday afternoon in preparation for his move home.
His daughter called on Friday to say he got out of bed all by himself. It has been taking 2 people to help him do anything. We were both overwhelmed with hope and joy.

“Before I had BodyTalk, I had migraines at least once a week. And after Mollie worked on me, I have them maybe twice a year !”
– BY

Client is 55 and has never driven on the highway. Her father believed women should not drive on highways. After her third session she was excited about driving on the highway on the way home – and did!


TESTIMONIAL from a BodyTalk Access Technician CJ
“I used BodyTalk when my body was trying to come down with a terrible sore throat and congestion thing. I missed one day of work. I feel certain it would have gotten worse if I had not used BodyTalk. My husband has gone through 2 rounds of antibiotics with this. I’m sooooo glad I know BodyTalk Access!” CJ

Festival of Wellness for Pets & People
Animals of all kinds get great results with BodyTalk. They have far fewer filters and beliefs to break through.

Client is reporting in following each session as he experiences the results. Following first session:
“I came to see Mollie for issues with having low energy, the kind that makes you too tired to exercise. I’ve tried everything for several years to troubleshoot this issue but had little to no improvement.”
“Conventional doctors told me I was normal. Chinese Medicine doctors verified I had low energy but their products didn’t change anything. One BodyTalk session restored that misalignment and I noticed an improvement in digestion speeds within a week.”
“My energy has improved (yeah!) and now I’m going back for a different issue.”

I was very impressed with Mollie’s ability to communicate with my body. She would ask me things that she couldn’t have known which proves without a doubt how effective she was communicating with my body. Myself, I can channel and intuit with the best of them, and she is very good. This quality of communication sold me on Mollie and the BodyTalk system the first day I had a session with her. …first rate work! Thanks Mollie.
– KB
“My body feels like it’s gotten a little younger. I have more spring in my step. More strength in the muscles.”

“I had a severe cat bite that required surgery. Five months following the surgery I had no feeling in one finger. Within the week following my first session, all feeling returned.”
– DB

“… the day after my amazing experience with you. I went to do a task that normally drains me… and suddenly it flowed and I have been having fun and feeling creative. This is a major breakthrough as it is been a huge block and I just couldn’t seem to get it. As a result, I was feeling so free and happy”.
– TT

“My plantar fasciitis suddenly became less of a bother
– DZ

“I have a general sense of well-being.” – AG

Case Studies

Client’s high anxiety about heights and falling, limited her ability to enjoy life fully. She now enjoys singing in the choir loft and traveling in the Andes Mountains!

One week following the first chemotherapy treatment and sessions from multiple practitioners, the doctor was stunned to find the uterine tumor had reduced by half.

Client’s biggest anxiety came from dealing with his elderly mother. Since receiving BodyTalk sessions he says not only has that relationship changed, he is also more peaceful with other family relationships. The recent election and political discussions went on around him and he was able to be peaceful.

Client had new glider chairs and when she sat in them she got “chair sick”. She knew she had motion sickness, but “chair sickness!”
She mentioned giving the chairs away and I suggested she hold off for a few sessions to see if BodyTalk could address her motion sickness.
After each session she would try them again. Following her third session, she had success. Now she is interested in trying to read on the bus and go on a ferry ride. All things she couldn’t do before.

Last year 49 yo client presented with pneumonia. She said she has been getting pneumonia or bronchitis for the past 5 years.
Since the emotion associated with the lungs is grief, I asked about her grandmother, who she was close to. She said that Grandma died 6 years ago, at the time of year when she now gets sick.
This year we made sure to take time to do multiple sessions – 4 in all. Her daughter and son caught winter colds. Andrea was able to have only a few symptoms, such as feeling tired and some hoarseness. For the first time in 6 years, she did not get pneumonia/bronchitis.

77 yo client had fallen, injuring his back to the point of only being able to shuffle walk with pain, and not able to use the stairs. After one session he was able to walk better and take the stairs. After two sessions, he was out of pain and returned to his activities, including golf.

After four sessions client felt happy and energetic.
Following five sessions another client said she felt emotionally more stable, more relaxed.
“the day after my amazing experience with you… I was feeling so free and happy

Following a year of pain, restricted mobility, cortisone shots and considering surgery the client regained full mobility of her shoulder.

Client was training to climb Mt. Rainier. At the end of the session, with relief she said all pain had subsided.

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