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“Mollie’s forte and affinity is The BodyTalk System, and she is exemplary with it.” – Barbara Bloecher

Lovingly called “Mollie Lama” by those who know and work with her, Mollie is the only local practitioner offering the combination of leading edge energy sciences: BodyIntuitive and The BodyTalk System™, Reiki Master, Intuitive Reader and BEMER Therapy.

Mollie is a thoroughly modern Shaman, she works remotely and she’s very Twinkly.

In the early 90’s Mollie was introduced to mewithposterLsm complementary practitioners and healers and immediately knew the work was accessing something deeper. Studying various healing modalities followed these experiences.

Her journey of learning, from formal classes to life experiences, continues to take her deeper into KNOWING and trusting herself. She lives courageously. Because of her training and experiences; a stage IV cancer journey, divorce, “gypsy journey”, and more, she can show up for you, holding the space for wherever you are ready to go.

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Her education in the healing arts includes Reiki, Mindscape, Orthopedic Evaluation, and  Advanced BodyTalk classes including Evolve Epigenetics. As a member of KYANA Holistic Nurses Association Mollie has attended numerous Holistic Nursing level CE trainings.

Learning, growing, living and healing is an ongoing practice.

Let the healing begin!

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I refer to this as the “daughter” of BodyTalk. The founders build on The BodyTalk System and integrate more science/Western knowledge and acupoints/Eastern practices and philosophy.  January 2019


Updating and repairing the markers on your genes that influence which genes are expressed or not expressed. 2017, 2018, 2020

The BodyTalk System™ 

Mollie Yunker has been studying and practicing BodyTalk since 2002.
BodyTalk Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, & 9, BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk 1 and 2 Advanced Practical, BodyTalk Interactive, BodyChemistry Specifics, Orthopedic Evaluation and Mindscape
BodyTalk Access Co-ordinator
International BodyTalk Conference training (July 2017)

Reiki Master Certificate

Reiki Master Teacher (Sept 2017)

Staff Instructor Omega Institute (two weeks in each season of 2013 – 2017)

HLS Diploma
Healthcare Leadership School
June 11-18, 2017
…a personal journey towards changing healthcare!
The Healthcare Leadership School is an international platform for personal leadership of students from all aspects of the healthcare system – future physicians, social workers, public health workers and nurses, medical students, doctors and other professionals in healthcare.
For more information see Humans of Health

Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association Continuing Education Level meetings regularly (2012 – )
Akashic Record Training level 1 (June 2015)
Norton HealthCare Integrative Health & Wellness Symposium (May 2015, 6 CE’s)
Beginning Journeying Workshop
Vortex Alignment I
Art of Sacred Living I & II
Choice Theory/Reality Therapy by William Glasser
University of Cincinnati, BS in Graphic Design
She attended the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies for three seasons (2001 – 2003) as a staff worker and then went on a two year “gypsy journey” including a ten day Vipassana Retreat and several workshops. Arriving June 2005 in Seattle, Mollie became an active member of the Washington BodyTalk Association in Seattle. As of July 2008 she is building a practice in her hometown of Louisville, KY.

International BodyTalk Association
Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association (Board Member 2013-2016)
Louisville Country Dancers (contra)
Louisville Sustainability Forum
15 Thousand Farmers
Louisville TimeBank

Conference Presenter
Prospect Chamber of Commerce Strong Leadership Strong Women 2013
Kentucky Hypnotherapy Association Nov 2011
Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Conference 2009
Meditation and Universal Awareness Class presenter, yearly since 2008-

Mollie is a graduate of The University of Cincinnati from the College of Design and had a successful graphic design business from 1988 to 2003 when she chose to follow another path.

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