LED Light Information

Come be (in)Lightened!

BodyTalkWorks has cutting edge medical technology, introducing the LED Lights.

Like BodyTalk, LED Lights are safe, effective and non-invasive.
What do they do?
The Lights support the body in
– Relieving Stress, Pain, Inflammation
– Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation
– Detox and Weight Loss
– Increasing Circulation
– Speeding up the Healing Process
– And more
The LED Lights stimulate Nitric Oxide production, creating a “feel good” effect.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide
• increases calcium absorption helpful in increasing bone strength.
• signals the body to open up the blood vessels and capillaries increasing blood flow, delivering more oxygen to cells.
• helps enhance performance, endurance, strength, and faster recovery from intense work-outs.
• helps increase delivery of nutrients to cells.
• helps the body get rid of waste products.
• plays a major role in maintaining blood pressure by regulating the muscle tone of blood vessels.
• can help stop clot formation, which can prevent heart attacks and strokes.
• assists in neurotransmission (which can be important in memory and mood management).
• helps the immune system fight bacteria, viruses and parasites.
• reduces inflammation and has been found helpful in reducing the pain of arthritis.


After 2 months, a LED Light owner noticed enlarged prostate symptoms were gone.

Usually a full day of work in the garden with the tiller leaves 70 yo sore and exhausted. He found when he used the lights his body recovered overnight. The Navy Seals are known to use Lights for fast recovery.

Post surgery of broken wrist with added pins the man found he did not feel pain when he used the LED Lights frequently. Saving him from the affects of the pain meds.

“85-90% of all disease is caused by stress.” -National Institute of Health, 2009

Clients are going into very deep relaxation in their sessions.

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