Money Workshop Testimonials

No more money anxieties

  Since the workshop, Ann, in her 70’s, has told many times that she hasn’t had money anxieties since the workshop. 

“I will have to kill my father”

  This statement shocked me and I asked what he meant. He said he wanted to make his living as an artist. To him his statement was addressing the archetypal story; in order to be successful as an artist, he would have to kill his father. Specifically he would have to kill his father’s voice in his head saying “you can’t make a living as an artist”. 

  He has since done just that. 


$300 Out of the Air

  As you know, yesterday I took your abundance workshop, and this morning in the mail I found an envelope containing a check for $300. I had overpaid a company two years ago. They just figured it out, and sent my money back.

  I have been to other workshops on abundance, and I have listened to audio classes and read books on the subject, but your workshop was far more impressive and fun than anything that I have been exposed to in over thirty years. 

You asked if I would like for the workshop to last about an hour longer … I MOST CERTAINLY WOULD !!!


I Made a Profit

  I just loved the You and Money class. You and your style are delightful. 

Here is how my money concerns have affected me: I am a day trader…in the past I had trouble ‘pulling the trigger’ when my system issues a trade, watching winners pass me by. When taking a trade, I have made irrational decisions not based on my system. Talk about fear of losing money and then losing it!

  But, since your class, I took the first correct trade. 

While the trade was working, the market bounced all over the place. This is very stressful so I did the cortices exercise and stuck with the trade. In the past I may have closed it prematurely. Long story short, I made a profit. I know I still have work to do on my limiting money beliefs, but I believe I’ve found a very good tool in BodyTalk.